Updated 1/31/20

One project I've been working on for the past couple months is the 1966 Ford GT-40 X1 "Big Ed" driven to victory by Ken Miles and Lloyd Ruby at the 12 hrs of Sebring. This car was a roadster and had a totally different windshield configuration than the regular GT-40's. This will be a resin conversion kit for the 1/24 Fujimi Ford GT-40 MKII kits.

The test fitting has begun and there is still some adjustments needed to the windshield area and side windows.... This project has been quite the challenge to make the proper adjustments to make the Fujimi kit accept the new resin parts.

This conversion kit will be coming soon. Price TBA. I will be offering a Fujimi and conversion kit combo. I would highly recommend buying a Fujimi kit from me as the price will be good as eBay prices have gone sky high! This kit will also come with a driver figure with the likeness of Ken Miles!

Indycals will have the decals for this conversion.

~Calvin Sallee owner of HobbiTime and Classic Racing resins


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UPDATED 1/23/2020

iCar conversion kit?


Updated: 1/13/2020

The Apple iCar conversion fenders are now available HERE

UPDATED: 1/13/2020

The first draft resin copy has been pulled off. The first draft resin copy still needs some minor adjustments. Its very tricky to understand how the inlets in the front part of the fender go? I've been looking at reference pictures from the 1980 24 Hours of Le-Mans. I've also noticed that almost every car had a slightly different variation of this fender inlets. 




Classic Racing Resins has announced that here soon there will be new resin rear fender conversion kits for the just released 1/24 NuNu Porsche 935 K3 plastic kit. The first conversion kit will be for the 1980 Dick Barbour Apple Computer car. The 1980 version of the K3 had a different fender setup compared to the 1979 Le-Mans winning K3 which is what the NuNu kit depicts. The new resin fender conversions that Classic Racing Resins will be producing will be individualized to each car, as almost every team that ran the K3 had a different setup. Indycals will be working with Classic Racing Resins to produce the decals that will be accurately fitted to the NuNu K3 kit and the resin rear fender setup. The decal sizing has already begun and will be checked and rechecked to make sure the builders experience is a good one, with peace of mind that they will indeed fit. There will be a Le-Mans version and IMSA version of decal options with some interesting decals on the sheet that have not been seen before.....


HobbiTime the sole suppler of the Classic Racing Resins brand will have a comprehensive set-by-step blog post on the new iCar conversion kit. There will also be a blog review post about the 1/24 NuNu Porsche 935 K3 kit in a couple days.

There will also be other versions of the fender conversion kit as well, like the 1980 Sachs K3, Different versions of the Coke K3, and there are others that are tentatively in the works too.... Also, one major unique conversion kit that is also currently in the works is, the IMSA JLP-3 full conversion. The versions being worked on for that is the John Paul's 1982 Daytona 24 hr winner and the 1982 Miller High Life version too! These conversions will be more involved with different rear fenders, tail lights, rear wing, doors, side skirts, and a few other minor details.

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If you want to go ahead I buy a 1/24 NuNu Porsche 935 K3 kit, there are many on ebay HERE.

Most are from Japan but I never have any issues buying from the Japaneses sellers and the shipping time is typically around two weeks to reach the USA.  Using my affiliate link to buy the 1/24 NuNu Porsche 935 K3 off ebay will give me a fee from ebay. This doesn't cost you any more but I will make a little bit from ebay for referring you to their website, you don't have to use my affiliate links but doing so is greatly appreciated and helps my business and website to bring you more resin kits and value.

~Calvin Sallee owner of HobbiTime and Classic Racing resins